Global Affairs

People, planet & profit

Global Affairs works mainly with small companies, which are visited on a regular basis.
This way Global Affairs and the customer know that the employees are treated well
and are not being exploited. Our aim is to find the right balance between
‘people, planet & profit’.

Most of our products are handmade and sustainably produced at locally based
factories in India and China. You can find Global Affairs products in childrens’ shops,
gift shops, lifestyle shops and department stores mainly in Europe, but also in the
USA and Japan.

We try to ensure that our suppliers work in safe conditions and receive decent wages.
By buying from us, you are helping to encourage and support sustainable industries.

Our aims:

  • To pay fair prices for the products we buy
  • To support the local community by employing women who can now stay
    with their family
  • To ensure working conditions are decent and child labour is never used
  • To commit to long term relationships with our suppliers

We ship goods by sea to reduce environmental pollution.

Meet the makers:


In Kolkata, where we have our soft toys made, we have a project to improve the
social independence of women. They used to be completely depending on their
husbands, but now these women make their own money. They feel important,
independent and because they bring in a salary their children don’t have to work
and can go to school. So next time you buy one of our soft toys, you help them
a little as well...


All our crochet items are handmade of 100% organic cotton yarn. They are handmade
by women in the Jiangsu provence of China. They can do this work at home
- or close to home – so they don’t have to move to the city to find a job between
the harvesting seasons. This way they can stay close to their family all year round.


meet the makers



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